Short essay on science and human happiness

Not everyone gets the feeling of happiness from the same person or same thing. The most notable achievements of science are in the fields of agriculture, industry and medicine and surgery. Plastic surgery can make an ugly woman a beautiful lady.

The electricity brings in its train innumerable devices like the fluorescent tube, the bulb, the fan, the desert cooler, the air —conditioner, the geyser etc. A plane or ship in danger can at once contact on wireless the nearest aerodrome or port and get timely help. Today we can go round the globe in a matter of hours.

This is because of the misuse of science. Science makes human-life easier and comfortable. These scientific inventions have made our lives comfortable. What was happiness for the primitive man dwelling in a cave and eating fruits and animal flesh would be regarded as a mere animal existence by modern man.

During days of unscientific agriculture, man was at the mercy of the weather. Child mortality has been greatly reduced in number.

The stove, the L. For instance, many of the students and office goers get awakened with the help of an alarm clock. Despite all the comforts provided by science when man can not only walk on earth like an animal, but fly in air like a bird and swim in water like a fish, it is a pity that he has also developed and amassed horrible weapons of destruction.

Short essay about happiness

If man stops production of such weapons, he can banish poverty, disease and ignorance which are his real enemies. Inventions such as washing machine, refrigerator, air-conditioner, dish-washer, geyser etc. Happiness today would mean not only freedom from want and drudgery but also the positive feelings generated by a civilised existence in a comfortable and secure home embellished by varied means of entertainment.

Science can also help relieve the pangs of hunger. Hepatitus B, a dreaded disease, can now be effectively prevented by a recently discovered vaccine. Science has greatly relieved men of the fear of disease and untimed death.

Science will never lack adherents as man's quest for knowledge will never cease.

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In the factories, all heavy and unpleasant work is done by machinery. In the field of education and dissemination of knowledge, we have the use of e-mail, e-class-rooms, better schools, new teaching and learning methods, study through cassettes and several video audio methods.

There is an immediate desire in me to possess it and if I cannot possess it I become unhappy. Nymphomaniacs have a love for having sex. Alcoholics, hoarders and nymphomaniacs all have different things that make them happy. One may feel surprised if one sees how modern factories and mills run and how their products are exported to every corner of the world.

It has created diseases such as AIDS and cancer. Man will soon become "the master of things". We read that in the great plague of London people left their plague-stricken relatives to die and ran way to save their own lives.

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But the achievements of science have not come to man as a ripe apple falls in the lap of a man sitting under an apple tree. Faster means of transport can be utilised by sending foodgrains to victims of famine or epidemics across the globe.

The invention of television is one of the most important event in human history. They fear throwing away something they love because they will not get it back again or it cannot be replaced ever. We made the machines to serve us, but now we have become slaves to the machine and this adds to our unhappiness.

Imagine the sufferings of our ancestors who had to walk for days in sun and rain over dusty or muddy roads to reach a distant place. New techniques in education are being developed. Central heating systems and air condition- ers, developed and designed by scientists and technicians, have made it possible for man to keep their homes, offices and workshops at desi-rable temperatures most conducive to comfort and optimum production.

There has been a great increase in industrial production. Contribution to our health and wellness:. Short essay about happiness 24 noviembre, critical analysis essay anthology poems relationships analysis essay east vs west culture essay paper argumentative essay conclusion words human made disasters research papers websites for sale essay god jewish lecture library man philosophy world women in the s century essay science.

Human happiness is not a static concept. It is an evolving concept. What was happiness for the primitive man dwelling in a cave and eating fruits and animal flesh would be regarded as.

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Article shared by. Free sample essay on Science and Human is said that science is the religion of the modern age. It is so because science has revolutionized the modern life and exposed the centuries old beliefs and superstitions.

Science, however, has greatly relieved human sufferings; espe­cially this is so in the case of medicine, and surgery.

In ancient times a leper was left outside the city walls to. Science and Human Happiness Introduction: Modern science has been considered a boon on mankind, because it has opened our eyes and has removed the darkness of ignorance which always led.

Free sample essay on Science and Human Happiness. It is said that science is the religion of the modern age. It is so because science has revolutionized the modern life and exposed the centuries old beliefs and superstitions.

Science is the modern god of reason that abhors blind faith. Man, however, worships science not so [ ].

Short essay on science and human happiness
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